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Melody Niv

Melody Niv is a junior studying Political Science and History. She alternates her free time between performing stand-up comedy, petting dogs, and creating short films. Melody is passionate about Israeli-American relations and wants to become a less-bald Larry David. 

General Contributor

Brianna Rauchman

Brianna is a first year English major from Calabasas, CA. She loves to draw and write. Brianna enjoys exploring different avenues of Jewish learning on the Berkeley campus. 

General Contributor

Jacob Shulman

Jacob Shulman is a Business Law undergraduate student at California State University: Northridge. He is from and lives in Los Angeles. 

General Contributor

Jacob Schwartz

Jacob Schwartz. Ya'akov Adam ben Yitzchak Daniel. A servant of Hashem and the Jewish people. A singer, a dancer, a poet. A teacher and a student. Blessed to be carrying the Yoke of Heaven - and struggling to bear it every day. Struggling like my namesake Ya'akov - struggling to become Yisrael.


Camille Cohen

Camille Cohen is a French-American photographer. She is currently a Journalism student at San Francisco State University, and has chosen photojournalism as her area of concentration along with a French minor.  She draws inspiration from her time living in both France and California and is based in San Francisco until further notice. Live music (of all kinds) and deep, jewel-toned colors spark joy. While she loves balance in her photos, she’s working on applying it to her real life as well. Check out more of her work at